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LLC “GranulaEcology” is a beginning, but promising manufacturer of wood pellets in the Republic of Belarus since 2015. We have come a long way from construction of a modern plant with high-quality equipment, personnel training in Europe and, finally, production of fuel pellets with a production capacity of over 1,500 tons per month.

Zero-tolerance approach and high quality of our products along with our constant desire to satisfy the needs of our regular and future customers is the groundwork of the GranulaEkology performance, which was laid from the moment the company was founded by Mr. Cabrt Ludek and Mr. Bogdan Resler. Such companies are widely known not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout the world, as TEAZ sr.r.o. and Ecoliquid sr.r.o., which are managed by our company founders, have long proved themselves as worthy and stable partners in their field with highly qualified team of specialists.

Teaz sr.r.o. company (www.teaz.cz) specializes in production of highly specialized machine tools, equipment and production lines for automotive, rubber, paper, chemical, food and other industries. The company cooperates with such giants of the world automobile and mechanical engineering as Trelleborg, Skoda, BOSCH, etc.

Ecoliquid s.r.o. (www.ecoliquid.eu) is a Czech company established in 2010 in Prague. The main area of the company is research, development, production and distribution of liquids for electronic cigarettes as well as modern ecological biofuels (wood pellets). The main Ecoliquid brands that have already been successful both on the Czech and international markets are Ecoliquid and Electra. The company's goal is to produce safe and high-quality products that will delight customers all around the world.

Thus, our enterprise, LLC “GranulaEcology” is a modern Belarusian-Czech company built according to European work principles and Belarusian dedication.

Granula Ecology specialists continue working on establishing and strengthening relationships with other companies in various countries, such as Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Italy and others.

Raw materials

To produce pellets we use only high quality clean coniferous wood sawdust which means that the raw material contains enough thus and lignin for good pellets gluing and, thus, no impurities are used in the manufacture of the product (bark, dust, sand, glue, foliage metal trash, etc.). Fresh raw materials are delivered uninterruptedly to the plant from the environmentally friendly reserve "Belovezhskaya Pushcha".

Production stages

The high quality of products is explained by the fulfillment of all technological norms and standards for production of this raw material.

There are several stages of pellets production:

  1. Stage 1: careful selection of raw materials used, control of each delivered lot;
  2. Stage 2: raw materials grinding;
  3. Stage 3: product drying until the established norm of humidity is under 12%;
  4. Stage 4: re-grinding initial material to the finest possible fraction (no more than 4 mm);
  5. Stage 5: pressing. At this stage, press granulators are used, in which raw materials are processed and cut into pellets (the necessary shape is given);
  6. Stage 6: cooling in specialized equipment to fix the shape and achieve the desired hardness and the correct moisture content;
  7. Stage 7: finished product packaging.

pellets manufacturing equipment

Our company uses automated lines by the Polish manufacturer and supplier Mikrom Sp.z o.o.sp.k.

All the specialists involved in pellets production and equipment adjustment have been trained and completed internship in the best European companies.


The biomaterial is packed into1 ton big-bags and in 15 kg bags with the LLC “GranulaEcology” logo.

Delivery and Shipping

Pellets can be purchased by retail or wholesale. The company delivers within the the Republic of Belarus, to the CIS countries and Europe.

Pellets can be picked up at the company's warehouse. Upon request company’s qualified staff can arrange delivery and assist with customs clearance documents.


Buying biofuel (pellets) from the company LLC “GranulaEcology” you acquire a high-quality and efficient fuel product.

We stand for ecology, comfort, warmth and economic benefits!

The cost of the order should be clarified on the website when ordering using the below contact details.

 Contact details:

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Phone. +375 162 50 50 65 (landline)

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